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Seamless Indoor Positioning

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Ridder CoRanger Beacon & Cropworker

Ridder, specialist in the field of technological horticultural solutions, introduces CoRanger. This indoor positioning solution makes processes in the greenhouse transparent and allows them to take place more efficiently and accurately. Ridder CoRanger is a unique patented system that can pinpoint the positions of plants, people, and objects in the greenhouse to within 10cm. "With CoRanger, we're taking precision horticulture to the next level." 

Location-specific data & information

Ridder CoRanger responds to the growing need of horticultural companies to monitor and fine-tune their crops and processes in detail. Just like in precision agriculture, where farmers make skillful and frequent use of positioning systems, location-specific data & information also plays an important role in the greenhouse. With the Ridder CoRanger system, it is now possible to unlock a wealth of information and improve processes by using indoor position information.

Seamless labour registration with CoRanger Productive

Ridder CoRanger Harvesting trolley - (small)

Ridder CoRanger is based on a patented technology that uses beacons and tags to provide very accurate positioning data related to logistical systems, crops, drones, scouting solutions, sensors or even picking robots and data platforms. During the past year, the CoRanger system has been extensively tested and further developed for the fully automatic harvest and labour registration in the new greenhouses of Dutch tomato grower Duijvestijn. By applying the CoRanger concept in the Productive labour registration system, no time is lost on entering and checking harvest and production data. All registration takes automatically place in the background, without errors and is fully accurate and secure. This saves a lot of time and labour. 

Seamless precision horticulture

Joep van den Bosch, Chief Innovation Officer at Ridder underlines the importance of this ground-breaking new technology. "Growers have to do more with less. Positioning in the greenhouse enables us to look much more accurately at the efficiency of the various processes in the greenhouse. In addition to knowing how much or when things take place,  CoRanger also tells you exactly where you can make improvements. Think, for example, of monitoring labour, scout crops or combating diseases and pests. With Ridder CoRanger, we offer a unique standard for bringing precision horticulture to the next level through extremely accurate real-time positioning. 

Ridder CoRanger Tag

New standard

Ridder introduces CoRanger as a new standard for position determination within greenhouses. In addition to its own smart solutions, Ridder will also make the technology available to developers of other precision horticulture related solutions. "Ridder CoRanger offers the horticultural sector the most accurate and reliable solution for locating plants, people and objects with an accuracy of 10 centimers.  We will work to make this technique as widely available as possible to other providers of smart solutions in our sector."

Seamless Works @ Duijvestijn Tomaten

Duijvestijn Tomatem in The Netherlands is the first grower where the Ridder CoRanger system is applied. The grower here uses CoRanger Productive as a fully automatic and labour and harvest registration system. After a successful test in the ID greenhouse of the Duijvestijn Innovation Centre, the new 10 hectare greenhouse was fully equipped with Ridder CoRanger at the beginning of 2021.

Thanks to Ridder CoRanger Productive, Duijvestijn employees no longer need to register activities, locations or carts via input terminals, mobile apps or scanning systems. They can therefore fully focus on their work without any administrative work. This results in considerable cost and time savings and also improves the quality and reliability of the harvest and labour registration.

Discover CoRanger Productive

Applying Ridder CoRanger in your innovation or development?  

In addition to using CoRanger to register production and labour with Ridder Productive, the CoRanger indoor positioning technology can be used for many more applications in the greenhouse. Ridder offers CoRanger as an open technology and new standard for precision horticulture. Ridder is happy to work together with other developers and horticultural innovators who want to use Ridder CoRanger indoor positioning.