Ridder, Blue Radix & Gearbox present:

Victor, the virtual grower

The rapid growth of greenhouses feeding and greening our world is not matched by the number of professional growers. Who will operate these greenhouses in the near future? Meet Victor, the virtual grower. Victor shows you how Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions help managing autonomous greenhouses: enabling growers to oversee more hectares and realize higher yields.

Virtual Victor

Meet Virtual Victor's Founding Fathers

Virtual Victor was created by a group of greenhouse technology providers who joined forces. Their innovative technologies such as intelligent algorithms, powerful climate computers and state-of-art vision technologies are at the core of digital farmers such as Virtual Victor, who can manage the growing amount of greenhouse facilities in the world, fully autonomously.

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Ridder - Ridder provides connected smart solutions to optimize grower yield. We develop, produce and deliver hardware, software and services for greenhouses to construction partners and end users. We offer a wide range of product groups, such as crop management, process automation, water treatment systems, drive systems, climate screens, consulting & grower services, labor & productivity and robotics. Learn more at ridder.com.

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Blue Radix - Blue Radix is an independent Dutch AI-tech specialist for the international greenhouse industry. We create solutions with artificial intelligence for daily decisions and actions in greenhouses. Greenhouses offer an efficient way to produce food and flowers in a sustainable manner. But the number of skilled people with expertise of growing crops in greenhouses is declining every year. This has direct and negative impact on yield, costs, continuity and product quality. Blue Radix offers solutions for these challenges: smart algorithms which optimize and steer climate, irrigation and energy continuously and autonomously, supported by off-site Autonomous Greenhouse Managers. Learn more at blue-radix.com.

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Gearbox - Gearbox is enhancing growers, breeders & traders to safeguard quality and work smart every day. We develop, design and build high-tech Vision, AI and data driven machinery & robotics. With this invention, we aim to create insights by real time growth monitoring and forecast, secure quality by post-harvest inspection, reduce risk and save operational costs to create the highest level of control and consistency for our clients. Learn more at gearboxinnovations.com.

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Eat This - The Eat This network was founded in order to connect horticulture companies with society in the search for sustainable solutions for food production. The COVID-19 crisis made all levels of society abundantly aware how fragile the world we built is. It also showed us how we as a society can change our ways. Our current food system has created enormous benefits, but we have also known for a while that the way it is currently organized will not work for the future. Learn more at eatthis.info.

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