Article - Save energy in greenhouses without affecting plant activity

Article: Save energy in greenhouses without affecting plant activity

3 focus areas to help you save energy in your greenhouse

Gas and electricity prices are at an all-time high, forcing growers to find energy-saving solutions. In this article we offer you some of these solutions, focusing on control over your climate. The more control a grower has over his climate, the more energy costs can be saved.

In this article, Jos Beerens, Business Support Manager at Grodan, and Joost Veenman, Product Manager at Ridder, discuss the following 3 focus areas that influence the climate in the greenhouse:

  • Light and temperature
  • Humidity, ventilation, and transpiration
  • Irrigation and nutrient uptake

Download the article and find out how, with an optimal alignment of the above focus areas, you can both save on your energy consumption and improve the health of your crop at the same time.

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