The Smart Greenhouse: how process automation reduces costs and improves yield

Tomato grower Tom d’Aqui leveled-up their growing strategy and boosted their efficiency with Ridder climate computers.

This case study focuses on tomato grower Tom d'Aqui, who integrated Ridder’s services into their semi-closed greenhouses.

It will show how Ridder climate computers can help growers optimize their growing strategy to balance each plant’s needs and use scarce resources in the most sustainable way.

Download the case study for the whole story and learn:

  • Why process automation and working with a partner are key to get grip on large amounts of greenhouse data.
  • How to ensure product consistency, continuity, and quality.
  • What unique features in Ridder Synopta and the Ridder MultiMa climate computer help to optimize the growth strategy and efficiency.

Case Study

Mock-up case tomdaqui