Robotics in horticulture: the future is here!

One of the largest industry-wide challenges in horticulture is the labor shortage and rising costs of labor. A lack of skilled greenhouse workers can result in business disruptions and overall, negatively impact greenhouse operations.

Thanks to new innovations such as tomato harvesting robots, these problems can soon be tackled. But the opportunity to develop a greenhouse robot does not end with harvesting tomatoes; the possibilities of what a greenhouse robot platform can do in the future are endless.

Investing in a robot platform is investing in the future
In an ever expanding and changing world, keeping up with technology is imperative. Currently, the rate that technology is advancing is greater than ever before. With this in mind, it is time to get serious about robotics and how robotics can contribute to horticulture.

In this whitepaper, we explain why investing in robotics is investing in the future. In this whitepaper you will find:

  • The biggest trends & developments in horticulture;
  • Why robots are here to stay;
  • What robotics will mean for your horticulture business.

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