Automated harvesting of TOV's is available for your upcoming season!

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As we speak the first commercial versions of the GRoW automated harvesting robots are deployed at commercial greenhouse operations across Europe.  We're now accepting additional orders and we're available to expand to other countries such as the U.S. and Canada. 



GRoW Robot Front


Why choose GRoW?
  • Reliable Performance: GRoW never rests, never gets sick, and never takes a day off. With precision and consistency, it ensures your harvesting is carried out the way you want it, day or night.

  • 80 % Labor Savings: Say goodbye to the challenges of labor shortages. GRoW works tirelessly, delivering an impressive 80% labor savings.

  • Data-Driven Insights: Beyond harvesting, GRoW collects valuable data to optimize your cultivation strategy. Make informed decisions that boost productivity and yield.

  • Innovative Partnership: Backed by MetoMotion and distributed and serviced by Ridder, GRoW is the result of a dynamic collaboration, combining cutting-edge technology with decades of horticultural expertise.

Here's what to expect when you sign-up:

  • Be the First to Know; you'll get first and exclusive updates about development, harvesting performance  and commercialisation and availability of the GRoW. 

  • Be the First to Own:  Due to limited pre-order availability, joining our waiting list means obtaining priority and increasing your chance of becoming one of the first users of the GRoW tomato harvesting robots. 

  • Exclusive Pricing: When ordering your first GRoW robots, you'll enjoy our special introductory pricing. It's a unique opportunity to invest in cutting-edge technology at a competitive rate.